More effort needed in pushing Credit Unionism within region…CEO calls for Government support


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Union, Ralph Wharton strongly believes that more effort is needed in pushing Credit Unionism withy the region. He also issued a passionate appeal for Governments in the region to lend support thus ensuring that this is achieved.

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Wharton who is attending the CCCU convention and AGM as its new CEO said that he firmly believes that the growth of the Credit Union in the Caribbean is significant and steady stressing that member’s efforts and assistance along with those provided by government is vital in ensuring that the organization will continue to grow. He said that the development of CCCU continues to depend on the governments and membership support.

"We will only continue to grow if Governments and the people continue to support as this is critically important to our development as Credit Union survival is pertinent to national and regional development.

Commenting on the general state of affairs of the CCCU, Wharton noted that there is growth and like any organization it has been addressing its challenges. He noted that the CCCU is one of the few regional organizations that have significant growth and development stressing that the public and members recognizes the work of this organization.

He noted that it is evident that additional efforts are needed for the development and strengthening of this organization which according to Melvin Edwards continues to see an influx of new delegates each year. This, Wharton stressed, is the reason why the CCCU has been able to maintain its annual convention and AGM. "The members recognizes that I deed they can place their trust in the Credit union as its members believes firmly in supporting each other. We have been able over the many years to continue serving our respective members despite the challenges and difficulties faced," he said.

The CCCU CEO declared that on examination of this organization, there are evidence that growth and development are being achieved. He pointed out that has and will continue working towards holistic growth and development noting that he anticipates seeing continued steady influx of new membership despite the challenges faced.

The Barbadian national was acknowledged by the President of the WOCCU for his sterling, significant and unwavering support and management of CCCU. He added that there have been recent moves by some persons in addressing the development of the Credit Union sector after realizing the importance of service and quality. He however noted and stressed that more will have to be done to ensure the public is given fair and accurate benefits; noting that the Credit Union will continue to advertise and recognize membership.

"The public has a right to be given their monies worth as the CCCU will continue to member driven while we seek to aggressively and effectively compete within the market.