Vaccination Open House was a success

The Collective Preventive Services Section Youth Health Care (YHC) reported that the Open House held on Saturday May 29 at the Vineyard Building in Philipsburg, was a success.  

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The Open House was held under the theme "Reaching Everyone," and was for children 0 thru 17 years of age. Parents and guardians had the opportunity to check their child’s vaccination status and/or have them vaccinated against preventable communicable diseases.

The total number of children between the ages of 0-4 was 20 of which eight received a vaccination. One hundred and seventy children between four-years through 17 visited the Open House of which 53 were up to date with their vaccinations.

Advice was given to those who are preparing to go away for their studies and a small group of children needed to be started on their vaccinations. Vaccination cards were updated and a few new cards were written out while after the open house, people have been calling asking questions.

"We had an excellent turnout despite the weather on that day. A great portion of the target group was reached. Increased awareness among the community was one of the key objectives we were able to achieve. Persons are still coming in to the office for information.

"The theme "Reaching Everyone" was certainly achieved as we had people from all walks of life visiting the Open House. The event was also an opportunity to recognize four retired registered nurses who were instrumental in carrying out the vaccination program throughout the years.

"The retired nurses stayed on and helped throughout the day with vaccinations. Children were entertained with face painting and other activities and also received goodie bag with nice surprises," YHC Nurse Mayra Martina told the Government Information Service (GIS) on Thursday.

The Diabetes Foundation checked the blood glucose level and blood pressure of 26 persons.

The Dental Bus was also part of the Open House and approximately 50 children were seen by the dentist. They received information about good dental and oral hygiene.

YHC will continue with its on-going campaign to promote a culture of prevention against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Immunization is a way of protecting children against serious vaccine preventable diseases and prevents outbreaks and the spread of contagious diseases. Once a person has been fully vaccinated, their bodies can fight those diseases if one comes into contact with them.

Parents are encouraged to visit the offices of the YHC during the summer vacation to check their child’s vaccination status and update vaccinations if needed.

YHC would like to thank the persons and businesses whose contribution and assistance made the Open House a success.