Soualiga Toastmasters Club members receive four (4) awards

Soualiga Corporate Toastmaster Club members Leona Marlin, Linette Gibs Joy Arnell and Catherine Connor Arrindell added to their list of achievements recently by accepting awards for completing their speeches. 

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In order to achieve such awards Toastmasters follow special communication manuals that guide them through various speeches that cover a range of diverse topics. After completing the first ten speeches each club member can choose from the advance Communication series that trains each person for speaking situations that they may encounter outside of their Toastmasters Club. Some of them are, Communicating on Television, Entertaining and Persuasive speaking.

The award Competent Communicator has been awarded to Joy Arnell and Linette Gibs for completing their first ten speeches. Joy and Linette are looking forward to moving on and starting their advance communication manuals.

After 6 years as a Toastmaster Catherine Conner Arrindell says, "the nice thing of being a Toastmaster is you can achieve your goals at your own pace. The award Advanced Communicator Bronze is accomplished after someone completes 10 speeches from the advance manuals. "Building confidence, expanding your vocabulary and over coming the fear of speaking in front of a crowd are some of the benefits that any potential members can hope to achieve," says Ms. Conner Arrindell.

As Club President Leona Marlin continues to follow the leadership and communication manuals and has achieved personal and Club goals. The award Advanced Communicator Silver is a goal that I worked on with much determination.

I would like to encourage past and current Toastmasters to commit to the club by attending the regular bimonthly meetings.