Commissioner H. Richardson on the continuation of Public Health Care Services

In his ongoing efforts to provide sustainable Health Care Services commissioner in charge of Public Health Hyacinth Richardson has secured the continuous provision of Health Care Services by actively promoting and approving payments to various health care providers and health care administrators.  

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In agreement with BZV, payment arrangements have been made and funds transferred so that the necessary services are ensured. Further agreements have also been made with the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) and the Pharmacy Association (PAS) to be paid directly for their services. The Executive Council will contact other service providers to address the possibility of direct payments.

While these matters are ongoing, the interim director of BZV has been invited to St. Maarten to continue deliberations already started to possibly extend the services of ‘Bureau Ziektekosten Voorzieningen’ (BZV) on the island.


Commissioner Hyacinth stated in a press release to the Government Information Service (GIS) that he is very cognizant of the current affairs in our health care system and as a consequence of these matters the necessary steps are being taken to secure the continuity of adequate services for all persons.

Government is busy working and communicating with all stakeholders and will continue working with all relevant parties while pursuing options that will solidify the provision of health care on the island to maintain a level of service that is right for every person.

During the upcoming days all stakeholders especially government will actively consider the following scenarios for implementation; Social Insurance Bank (SVB) taking over the task of BZV in providing administrative services or government outsourcing this activity to an administrative office.

"We will achieve success when there is cooperation based on the mutual understanding that the provision of health care is pivotal."