Saba Lions Club installs new board of Directors

Windwardside, Saba: On Friday evening members of the Saba Lions club held their annual installation ceremony at the Eugenius Johnson Center. Ms. Carolyn Johnson served as Mistress of Ceremonies and welcomed everyone present. 

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The new board of Directors that took the oath of office on Friday evening will assume their duties as of July 1st 2010. The new board consists of the following persons.

Mr. Samuel Guy Johnson as President of the club for the 4th time during his 33 years as a member, other board members include Mr. Carl Buncamper as 1st Vice President and Treasurer, 2nd Vice President will be Ms. Carolyn Johnson, she will also serve as Director, 3rd Vice President will be Mr. Glenn Holm and he will also serve as Membership Director, Secretary for the Lionistic year 2010/2011 will be Ms. Jessica Gumbs and she will combine this position with the position of Director for 1 more year, Lion Rudolph Hassell will serve as Director for 2 years and also as Lion Tamer, Mr. Franklin Wilson will serve as the Lions Tail Twister and Mrs. Paula Childs-Meyers will serve as Director for 2 years.

The official installation portion of the ceremony was carried out by Charter member Lion Roy Smith, who outlined the role of all board members. Mr. Smith also made mention that due to a lack of sufficient members several board members will be tasked with two positions on the incoming board. After installing the new board Mr. Smith officially welcomed back former Senator Ray Hassell to the club. Mr. Hassell has remained a member of the club but due to his busy schedule as the former Senator to Saba he more or less became dormant but remained committed and we are happy to have him back now in our midst as a full fledge member, Mr. Smith went on to say.

Outgoing president Ms. Shirley Woods thanked all of her fellow Lions for the great cooperation that she received during her year and said that it has been a trying year but nevertheless she felt confident that the club will once again come back to what it used to be. Together we have to stand together and work towards our club and our island. I could not have done it alone so for that I am grateful to all of you. Also in attendance for the ceremony was Honorary Member Lt. Governor of Saba Mr. Jonathan Johnson who also addressed the audience and said that he wanted to express his congratulations to the outgoing president for her stewardship during the Lionistic year.

Mr. Ray Hassell then was welcomed to the lectern and said that he will use the words "I’m Back". During the past 12 years I have not been able to function as a full fledge member of the club but now that I am no longer into politics I have all the time in the world to dedicate to the club and I look forward to a good working relationship with the incoming board and it is my hope that we can once again bring back our club to what it used to be several years ago. Already I am planning several projects that we can carry out as we continue to serve our community. Another goal that we have to set for the coming Lionistic year is to increase our membership in order to help those that are in need. Dedication, wisdom, patience, and strength are key. The Lions Club of Saba has made a difference over the years and we have to continue on that good part, Mr. Hassell reminded his fellow Lions and invited guest.

Lion Samuel Guy Johnson reminded his fellow members that he is not a big speaker, "I am a doer and this will be my 4th time serving this prestigious club, I will be the 34th president of the Saba Lions Club." I am committed together with my fellow board members and Lions to continue the work that we have been doing for the community. Being a member of the Saba Lions Club has afforded me the opportunity to travel the entire Caribbean region and I have enjoyed every moment of being a member of the Saba Lions Club. I can safely state that during my 33 years as a member I have spent close to Fls. 100.000,00 traveling to attend various meetings et cetera and I have no regrets. I am committed together with my fellow board members to increase our membership that is one of my main goals for this Lionistic year. Together with Mr. Roy Smith and Mr. Franklin Wilson we are the last three chartered members of this club and we will do everything possible to maintain the club’s high standards. Together we will work in building this club back to what it used to be.

Outgoing president Ms. Woods then presented several awards. Those in receipt were, Mrs. Yvonne Wilson, Mrs. Sharron Levenstone, Mr. Ernest Hassell, Mrs. Carmen Simmons, Mrs. Elizabeth Hassell, Mrs. Christine Gordon and Ms. Martina Lebinger.

The installation ceremony closed off with dinner (prepared by Ms. Diana Medero) and socializing.