Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba officially opened sub station on Saba

Windwardside, Saba: On Wednesday afternoon the community of Saba gathered in front of the new Police Sub Station in Windwardside for its official opening. 

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On hand for the ceremony were Minister of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles, Magali Jacoba, State Secretary of Justice Ernie Simmons, Lt. Governor of Saba, Jonathan Johnson, Police Chief Commissioner for St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba, Peter de Witte, Outgoing Acting Police Chief Commissioner Ademar Doran, the Incoming Police Corps Chef for the BES islands Jan Rooijakker and Acting Division Chief, Wendell Thode. Mr. Franklin Wilson Act. Public Prosecutor on Saba served as the Master of Ceremonies for the event while Pastor Vernon Liburd of the Wesleyan Holiness Church did the blessing of the building and called on the community to work together with the Police Force of Saba.

Lt. Governor of Saba Mr. Jonathan Johnson in his speech said that he was happy that the new substation was officially being opened and reminded everyone that the police station in The Bottom still remains the main station and that some minor upgrading and repairs is scheduled to take place within short in order for everything to work out smoothly, but he said that with the opening of the substation it is his hope to see more "blue" on the streets of Saba. He thanked former Lt. Governor of Saba, Mr. Sydney Sorton, and all others that helped to make it possible for the substation to become a reality.

Minister of Justice for the Netherlands Antilles Magali Jacoba said that Saba is called the Unspoiled Queen and to maintain this name we must keep the crime situation under control. We must continue to take the steps needed to achieve this goal; the sub police station in Windwardside is in line with this objective. The permanent presence of police in a neighborhood gives a feeling of safety and comfort. We need to do our best to inspire young people on Saba to become police officers and join the fight against crime. We need to make investments at the ports to combat the flow of drugs to Saba. We cannot let everything pass without control. We have to adopt with the times and do what we can to keep Saba safe. Community involvement is very important if we want to solve cases quickly. The Police cannot do it alone. I urge the people of Saba to give tips and information to the police. You too must do your part. Minister Jacoba pointed out that the working relationship with the Royal Marachausees must continue. They will support our organization with manpower and know how. Give them your support as they become more and more a part of this community. The opening of this substation is a real reason to celebrate.

Minister Jacoba thanked the Dutch government, Plan Veiligheid Nederlandse Antillen, USONA and the police force for their cooperation in making this a reality for the community of Saba.

Also making addresses at the gathering were the Act. Division Chief on Saba, Inspector Wendell Thode who said that he was honored to be able to witness this opening. The opening of this facility is proof of our commitment to the community of Saba. For many years police officers have had to work out of a cramped police station. With this new addition it is our hope to be able to serve the community much better by using two locations. This building is more than just a modern, spacious and well equipped base for police; it is an investment in the future of Saba and its people. We are happy with this new facility but we also have to start thinking of increasing our staff in order to meet the demands of the island. I have to remind everyone that the police officers should not be looked at as supermen and women we cannot solve all of the problems that the island is facing on a daily basis with the present staff that we have. Progress brings about many challenges and one of our priorities in the coming months and year will be to also see our police officers increase.

The new Chief Commissioner of the Police Force of St. Maarten, St. Eustatius, and Saba, Mr. Peter de Witte, said that he was honored to be on Saba for the first time and being able to witness the opening of the substation. He committed himself to help bring about the necessary changes within the police structure of the Windward Islands.

 Outgoing Acting Chief Commissioner of Police Mr. Ademar Doran, said that he was honored to have served the police force of the Windward Islands and he was extremely happy that under his watch this new facility was able to get off the ground. I salute the people of Saba with this new facility and I call on them to make good use of it at all times. The public of Saba were able to receive a guided tour of the new facility and they were treated to snacks and drinks following the grand opening.