GEBE Repairs Water Tanks

GEBE has begun a specialized project to repair five water tanks between the period of June 1 to July 15, 2010. A taskforce was established comprised of the GEBE Maintenance, Water Distribution, Water Quality Control and Safety and Environmental Health departments to coordinate taking the tanks out of service, preparing the tank for new liners or repairs, cleaning and disinfecting the tanks, controlling the water quality, and then once approved by all departments, putting the tank back into service. 

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The Guana Bay tank was the first tank to be repaired by the team. The Mullet Bay tank was second and will be followed by the Monte Vista tank, the Jail tank and the Concordia tank. A team from the liner supplier in the United States will be flying in to place new liners in the Jail tank and Monte Vista tank as well as to check the Concordia tank.

The water to the tank is bypassed with a frequency regulated pump to minimize any effects for the clients in the area while the repairs to the tank and the tank liner were taking place. However, clients may experience low pressure at peak demand when many people in the area are using water and since the frequency regulator pump is dependent on electricity, clients may experience a water outage during electricity outages.

GEBE would like to apologize to its clients in these areas as these important repairs are made.