Police Report:2 suspects, young boys & 2 armed robbers arrested

Two suspects arrested after break-in.

On Sunday June 13th at approximately 02.55 a.m. a Philipsburg Police patrol was sent to a home in Paradise Island Road in Madame Estate where persons were busy breaking in. 

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On the scene the patrol spoke to the resident of that home with initials E.A.J. who stated that he had seen two suspicious men walking in front of his home. After checking his home, he noticed that his 42 inch flat screen T.V.,his laptop computer, some cash and other personal items were missing. During the investigation on the scene by the patrol they noticed that unknown persons had gained access to the home through the kitchen window. After leaving the scene the patrol was called back shortly after the victim noticed that the same two suspicious men arrived on scene on a scooter. These two men were arrested on the spot after search was done after a clothing search. Several items such as the cell-phone belonging to the victim and a some of cash were found confiscated. The suspects with initials J.R. from French Guyana and J.C. from the French Side were both taken to the Police station and handed over to the detective dept. who will continue this investigation.

Young boys arrested

On Monday June 14th at approximately 12.40 p.m. two young boys with the initials R.P. and D. P.C were arrested by the Police Bike Patrol as suspects in the stealing of items belonging to a tourist. These suspects were arrested in the vicinity of the Police Substation on the Boardwalk. After an investigation done by the bike patrol several items such as cameras and other belongings to the victims was found hidden in the public toilet next to the sub station. The victim recognized these items as her belongings. All suspects were taken to the Police station for further investigation.

Two armed robber arrested

On Monday June 14th at approximately 09.15 a.m. a police patrol and Detectives were involved in the investigating of an armed robbery, which took place in the Point Blanche area. During this robbery the victim with initials O.L.M. a local businessman was robbed at gunpoint by two unknown men armed with a shotgun. He was robbed of his white Suzuki Van with license plate M-9798. In the Van were several bank deposit bags, bankbook, two briefcases and several cases of magazines. During the investigation the officers received information, that the suspects fled the scene in a black Hyundai Sonata with license plate 847ZBB971. The suspect vehicle was spotted by the patrol, driving at high speed on the W.G. Buncamper road, directly after the information came in. A high speed chase by the police patrol took place and ended on the parking lot of Genevieve de Weever School in the Hope Estate. The suspects tried to escape their capture by reversing their into the patrol car. The two suspects is this vehicle with the initials D.A.H. from Saint Martin and M.R. from the Dominican Republic were arrested on the spot. During an investigation in the suspect vehicle a sawed-off shotgun and several rounds of ammunition were found. The vehicle, fire-arm and ammunition were confiscated for further investigation. During the investigation by detectives a third suspect with the initials R.A.M. from Jamaica in this case was arrested and also taken into custody.