Micheal Hodge’s “The Sausage Ranger” launch a success

The Philipsburg Jubilee Library in close collaboration with Beyond Writing foundation hosted on Saturday June 12th 2010 Michel Hodge Jr. book launching. Michel was promoting his book: "The Sausage Ranger". The book launching was a success. 

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After the response of ten local schools, Michel Hodge visited the schools from the 31st of May to 11th of June 2010.

On Saturday the 12th June the schools that were present at the book launching received their copy of " The Sausage Ranger"

It would not have been possible for him to have published this book, he said if it wasn’t for the ST. Maarten Harbor Holding: Mark Mingo, Napa N.V.; Michael Ferrier and UTS; Glen Carty.

The Honorable Commissioner of Culture, Mr. Hyacinth Richardson, said some encouraging words and was very happy to be part of the event where a young person was launching his book.

President of the Beyond Writing Foundation, Drs Loekie Morales also an author of children books such as Mina Marina and Zonnesproetjes supported Michel Hodge as she is an experience author. She gave a stimulating speech for him to continue with his writing and presented him with a symbolic bag of shells, as a motivation to encourage his writing as well as to promote writing with the next generation.

The book launching was a fun filled program; St. Dominic Drama Theater performed where the Sausage Ranger saved the day and "The Crump Soldiers": Lincoln, Anthony and Liessandra did their dance.

Michel Hodge told us where he got his inspiration to write his book. A children’s story that started off as a joke between friends; an English assignment, which blossomed to the first episode and thanks to the help of his little brother’s enthusiasm, the Sausage ranger was born.

He went on to read from his book: "The Sausage Ranger". A story about of the food we are so accustomed to. What if that mango was actually on the verge of opening a brand new restaurant?

A child from the Starlight Educational Center pitched the idea for a new story of a Banana Zombie with a Strawberry head, to Michel Hodge.

Michel Hodge would like to encourage the schools that didn’t receive their free copy of "The Sausage Ranger" to pass by the library and get the copies.

The author gave special thanks to:

· Cynthia Mooij,

· Illustrator, David Vieira,

· Le Prim printing Press, St. Maarten Habor Holding,

· UTS, Napa N.V,

· Van Dorp.

· The Philipsburg Jubilee Library,

· Beyond Writing Foundation,

· Mr. Garfield Young from St. Dominic High, with the Drama group.

· Crump soldiers

· And most of all to the children that listen to his story.

The Philipsburg would like to thank Michel Hodge Jr. for coming in and having his book launching with us; we would like to also take this time to encourage him with his future writings.