Inaguration of the baby and toddler room at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library

"Read to me"


On Sunday 20th of June 2010 the Library will officially inaugurate the Fantasy room for the babies and toddlers. 

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The interior of the new baby room is designed to cater to their needs. We all know the younger you start with reading the better it is. Every inch of the room will stimulate our preschoolers for them to continue reading way past their retirement age. So why not have their own space, their own fantasy room to stimulate their reading!? Everybody helped in the process, because we all know you have to catch them while they are young. Everybody who is celebrating father’s day and everybody who is not, celebrating is invited to attend the official opening this coming Sunday as of 3.30pm.

Toddler lunch:

As you know we with still have our Book start – "Read to me" campaign, on the 24th of June 2010 the library will host a toddler Lunch; From 11 am to 12.15pm, 20 children between the ages of 2 to 3 years will be invited for this special ‘reading lunch’. The library calls upon government services and businesses to give parents of babies and toddlers an hour off to enable them to attend the reading breakfast at the library together with their child. While the library is having their reading breakfast 6 daycare centers will simultaneously having ‘reading breakfasts’ at their own schools. Tickets for the reading breakfast at the library are free of charge but space is limited so come to the library and register soon!

That same evening of the 24th from 6pm to 7pm we will have our last workshop for book start campaign 2010. Clara Reyes will come in to dance with the little ones. Do make these event a special event with you child/ children.

Special offer for Babies and Toddlers age 0 to 4

All babies and toddlers who become a library member as of May 20th June 2010 will get a surprise bag full of gifts.

Special offer of library card for parents.

Back by popular demand from Tuesday 15th June until 24th June 2010 parents can get a library card free of charge, only the refundable deposit of NAF 25,- will have to be paid.