Police Report: Man injured during fire, Armed robbery

Man injured during fire.

Detectives were directed to the Sint Maarten Medical Center at around 04.30 a.m. on Friday June 11th to investigate case involving a man who was brought in top the medical center for treatment of burns he sustained during a fire. 

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At the medical center the detectives spoke to the victim with initials O.S.I.V. who stated that while he was a sleep at his home located on Blanket Herb drive, he was suddenly awaken by a loud noise. At that same time he noticed that front door of his apartment was covered by flames at which time he started shouting for help. He tried on several occasion to open the door but was unsuccessful. Shortly after his neighbor managed to break the door open allowing the victim to exit the appartment. The victim and his neighbor suffered minor burns during in the attempt to open the door and put the fire out. The fire was extinguished by several buckets of water. On the arrival of the Fire Department they stated the that this may be a case of arson. The detective dept. is investigating this matter.


Armed robbery

On Saturday June 12th just around midnight several police patrols and detectives was sent to Cuchara Alegre bar on the cannegiter street for an armed robbery. On the scene the investigating officier learnt that shortly before two men, dressed completely in black and brandishing handguns came into the establishment and threatend everyone if no cooperation was given. Fearing for their lives everyone cooperated. During the robbery one shot was fired. The gunmen took the sales of the day and the wallets of all the costumers that were present. After committing their act the robbers fled the scene. No one was injured. The Special Robbery Unit is investigating the matter.