Sky Is The Limit foundation supports Prom Night 2010

Democratic Party Council lady Maria Buncamper-Molanus, on behalf of the Sky Is The Limit Foundation, made a significant donation to the Teen Times Foundation to go towards organizing the annual Prom Night. 

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The event, now 14 years running, is an exclusive, formal end-of-the-year ball for all high school seniors before they go their separate ways to further their studies abroad. It will be held on Sunday, June 27 at the Westin Resort. Prom Night 2010 bears the theme "Metropolitan Class".

Buncamper said activities for St. Maarten’s youth have always gotten her support, adding that Teen Times has a long reputation of positive events that she has been proud to support in the past. She has also supported the foundation when it took numerous students to the US to sharpen their artistic skills.

The Council lady said a Prom that brings all high school graduates together to look back on their high school years and look forward to tertiary education, is a worthwhile event that deserves support. She said the students have worked hard during their high school careers and deserve an event of their own to celebrate their achievements.

Assistant Coordinator of Teen Times Angelica Haverkamp expressed thanks to Buncamper for always being there for Teen Times and the youth of St. Maarten in general.

"We pride ourselves on two events annually, Prom and Talent Showdown. Council lady Buncamper and Sky is the Limit Foundation in the past have assisted us and we are happy to know we can always count on her, no matter what. We are happy that she sees the value in positive youth events," Haverkamp said.