Police find Illegal items in police cells

On Friday June 11th during the morning hours a surprise cell control of the police cells located at the Police Station in Philipsburg was carried out by members of the Operational Unit. 

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The Operational Unit is a unit of the police department in charge of detainees housed at this location. During this control numerous illegal items mainly several small plastic bags containing marijuana, matches, a self made knife and a shank (object for stabbing) among other items were found. These items were all confiscated and an investigation to how these items got into these cells in being carried out.

These self made weapons raise an extreme danger to the detainees themselves and also to the officers who have attend them on a daily basis.

Based on information coming into the police department and several attempts by unknown persons to get illegal drugs into the cell-complex of the police station this surprise control was carried out.

As additional safety precautions the police management has taken following measures:

Personal items will only be accepted by family members or close relatives of the person detained at the police station.

If family members or close relatives are not available a person appointed by the detainee will be allowed to bring these personal items.

Any family member or relative bringing personal items for any of the detainees must properly identify themselves. ( Identification card, passport or drivers license)

The police department will not be excepting any clothing, sanitary products or any other items from person than those allowed or appointed to do so.

Items accepted are:

shirt (white)

3 undershirts

one pair socks

2 jeans ( few pockets as possible)

2 shorts ( without strings)

slippers/ sneaker without laces.

deodorant in see through plastic container

rubber or plastic toothbrush

small toothpaste

boxer shorts

soap (no gels)


Items not accepted




products in glass containers

electric toothbrush


hair grease

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newspapers/ books/ cigarettes

The personal items will only accepted from Monday’s to Friday’s from 08.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.