Minister of Justice advises Persons that Brooks Tower Accord Deadline is June 15th

Minister of Justice Ms.Magali Jacoba, held an informative press conference on June 10th to give an update of the many issues she has dealt with on her recent working visit that was from June 6th to June 10th 2010. 

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The topic that she stressed on during that conference was the deadline for the Brooks Tower Accord for the persons that have been residing on the island illegally for years. 

She is advising persons that have to pick up their permits to do before the 15th of June in order to remain on the island. If persons go to pick them up on the 16th, they will be invalid. Those persons that have been rejected will have to leave the island by August 31st 2010 unless they will be deported and can’t return for 3 years.

She also noted that they will publish new policy for the persons that have recieved their permit, will be able to re-apply for their new permit from 1st July to November 3rd 2010.

She also gave a brief outline of her meetings that were held with the Leader of Government, the Lt Governors, the positions of employees in the 10-10-10 format, the court case on the French Treaty, the swearing in of the New Police Commissioner of Police Mr.Peter de Witte and the upgrading of the Police Corps.

On December 31st is the last day for Haitians living on St.Maarten illegally to leave after they were given a grace period because of the earthquake in January.