Police Report: Man injured in shooting incident

On Tuesday June 8th at approximately 07.45 p.m. several police patrols and detectives was sent to Emma Plain in the vicinty Jump Up casino for a shooting incident. 

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On the scene the patrols located the victim with initials R.G. from Sint Maarten. The victim stated that he was shot by a man he knows with the initials C. who fired three shots at him. As a result of this shooting he( the victim) sufferd two gunshot wounds, one to his upper right thigh ( close to his buttucks) and the other to his left upper thigh. The victim stated that the suspect and him for some time do not get along because of problems they have had with each other in the past.

The victim further stated that while walking in the direction of Diamond Casino he was suddenly attacked by C. and another unknown man. C. pulled a gun from under his shirt and aimed it at him. He started to run away but was shot in the attempt. After committing this act both men ran away. The victim was treated on the spot by paramedics and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment and where he was later admitted for observation. The Detectives and Forensic Department have begon their investigation into this case.