St. Maarten Youth Development Program holds Career Day

Marks the successful completion of its preparatory program

The Youth Development Program held its very first Career Day for forty eight students to mark the completion of the preparatory program and transition into career courses. 

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The preparatory program is a three month phase in the program where the students focus on developing their social skills, computer skills and if needed English reading and writing skills. Students need to complete this phase in the program before being able to move on to their career courses. The main goal of the preparatory program is to provide the youngsters with not only the knowledge but the social skills to succeed in the workforce.

The Career Day marked the students’ successful completion of the preparatory program and welcomed them to continue with their career courses. It was a joint effort between the Youth Development Program and the Caribbean Institute for Social Education Foundation (CIFSEF) which was enlisted to be the provider of the preparatory program. The students attended the session in business attire and some students even went as far as borrowing clothes from family and friends to attend. Project team members of the Youth Development Program were very impressed by the turnout of students in their business wear and applauded those who made the extra effort. The day was filled with motivational speakers and course instructors who gave detailed information of each course. Four lucky students won a prize for best dressed however all students were applauded for their effort. The program used this as a tool to motivate the students to come dressed professionally.

The Youth Development Program is pleased with how well the students have done in the past three months. Forty nine students began the preparatory program in February of this year and of these students; only one student dropped out before completion. These students will now begin the hospitality course of their choice of which they can choose from; Front Desk Agent, Room Care Attendant (maintenance), Cook or Bartender/Waiter/Waitress. Besides these courses, the Youth Development Program also has a PC Repair course and a SPW (Social Pedagogical Worker) level one course running of which are progressing well.

The Youth Development Program is a second chance educational program, funded by USONA, for youngsters between 16 and 24 years who were unable to complete secondary education. The Youth Development Program is executed by the Department of Educational Research, Policy and Innovations (DERPI) of Island Government. For more information on the program, contact Janelle Presentacion at 543-0497.