Sint Maarten PRIDE foundation thanks it’s volunters & sponsors for their 10 years of support

Sint Maarten PRIDE foundation hosted a Cocktail Party to celebrate their 10 years of service to environmental issues on the island of St.Maarten. 

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They told their sponsors & volunters; ”We could not carry out our work without your dedicated volunteerism and sponsorship to the foundation.”
The party was held at the Guana Bay Beach Bar on Saturday June 5th from 4pm-6:30pm.
June 5th was also recognised as World Environment Day recognized by the United Nations, and as June 8th is World Ocean Day, they celebrated those both important days as well.
”Our Oceans are more often in the International news these days, the entire world has been exposed to the environmental and human tragedy of the on going oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, as is the Pacific Garbage Patch, a massive floating mess of plastic trash swirling in the ocean.”
The sponsors and volunters that were present recieved certificates.

Among them were:

  • Belvedere Home Owners & Tenants Association
  • Pearl Radio 98.1 F.M.
  • Sxm Pride foundation
  • St.Maarten Trade & Hospitality Association
  • St.Maarten Science Fair Foundation