Newly graduated teacher enthusiastic about upcoming school year

Go into a career you are passionate about, says Edwards

Young people seeking a career should go into one they are passionate about, advises Leandra Edwards, a 2010 University of St. Martin (USM) Teacher Education program graduate. 

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Edwards is one of 32 USM students who will be graduating from USM on June 12, 2010. The graduation will be held at the Westin hotel beginning at 7:00pm.

"If it is not your passion, do not go into it," says Edwards, while adding that she first wanted to be a forensic pathologist and left home to go abroad to begin studying for that profession.

She laughs as she recalled her mom not being too enthusiastic about the idea of her becoming a forensic pathologist since that is a profession which deals with examining the dead. While abroad, she realized that she had a passion for teaching as she would tutor classmates and friends during her free hours. Being far from home and her family, however, impacted her and after two years, she decided to return to St. Maarten and enroll in the Teacher Education program at the University of St. Martin.

"It has allowed me to stay close to family, while becoming a professional," Edwards notes, while adding that the she liked the atmosphere at USM where "communicating with teachers and sharing views and opinions were easy."

Edwards, who worked in administration full-time while attending USM, says working while going to school was "tough," and that often she had to spend her lunch hour reading and studying. Her colleagues were very supportive, she notes, while adding that they would help her collect many items, such as small plastic containers and cans that she needed for projects for different courses. Some of them often came to her to discuss different ideas and issues surrounding teaching and their personal concerns about their kids’ education, Edwards adds.

"It was sad leaving but they always knew I would follow my heart’s desire," says Leandra, while thanking her former employer and colleagues for their support.

Leandra notes that encouragement from family and classmates also helped push her forward. She says that her classmates and her would sit and discuss about the type of teachers they would like to be. Many of my classmates and I have already vowed to be a "different breed of teachers," the newly graduated teacher said, while adding that they are aiming to focus on educating the whole child.

"I believe in teaching the whole child and also in a classroom where a child can develop and focus on more than math and reading," says Edwards, while adding that moral values, social skills and emotional well-being of the children also have to be taken into consideration in the learning process.

She adds that being a teacher means that one has to be "selfless as the children will be on your mind (all the time.)" Edwards also alluded to the fact that as a new teacher she will be also learning and looking at using any new experience to enhance her classroom and the students’ education.

The new graduate already has a teaching job lined up. She has to report to school this August where she will begin teaching.

"I am very excited," says an enthusiastic Edwards.

Edwards, who also represented the university at many functions as a former USM Ambassador, is very persistent and says that she does not like to give up. She is also aiming to pursue her Masters degree within the next five years.

USM wishes Leandra much success in her future endeavors.