Inspection VSA Investigates McDonalds Recalled Drinking Glasses – Not available on St.Maarten

Sector Public Health, Social Development & Labour (VSA) Inspection VSA, has been investigating fast food chain McDonald’s recall of 12 million drinking glasses promoting the new Shrek movie because painted designs on them contain the toxic metal cadmium. 

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Inspection VSA food safety inspectors checked with McDonald’s on the island and was informed that they do not have those types of promotional materials on the island.

The glasses have been sold in the United States and are available in four designs. They were released last month in the US.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned consumers to stop using the glasses immediately because the metal cadmium can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and brain.

The concern is about the long-term exposure to low levels that can occur by the of Shrek glasses, where the metal paint could leach from the paint onto a child’s hands and then enter the body if the child put the unwashed hand to his or her mouth.

Good hygiene is an important preventive and protective action to your general health which lies in basic washing of hands.