Green Expo to Demonstrate Energy Savings on Saba & Statia

GEBE is organizing a Green Expo on Statia and Saba on June 4 and 5, respectively demonstrating different energy saving products that are available from local hardware stores that can save customers hundreds of guilders in electricity costs per year, but also help to save the environment by reducing carbon emissions.  

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The Eco Expo for St. Maarten that was being organized by environmental organizations was cancelled in April and did not allow enough time for GEBE to organize for St. Maarten as well.

The Green Expo will demonstrate different areas of the household where electricity and water usage was the most and therefore where savings can be greatest through often simple techniques or affordable products.

GEBE has also organized a Change a Bulb pledge encouraging everyone to change their bulbs from incandescent to Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFL) or Light Emitting Diodes (LED). GEBE will be distributing energy saving bulbs to the Expo goers to get them on the right track.

The Green Expo will also have drinks and snacks as well as a jumping castle for kids. The Green Expo is being organized with as limited as possible impact on the environment. Snacks and drinks will be served in biodegradable plates and cups, bamboo forks and knives, napkins made from recycled paper, and trash will be collected in biodegradable garbage bags.

The energy saving items on display were donated by Ace Hardware Store, Electec, Kooyman, Luis Construction and E&H Home Center on Saba. The jumping castle on Saba was donated by Saba Groove. All the biodegradable products were donated by PDG Supplies. GEBE would like to thank all the sponsors for their contribution to helping customers save money and the environment.