Maria Buncamper expresses concern with the matter of BZV – Government and the Pharmacists

Former Commissioner of Public Health Maria Buncamper-Molanus has expressed her concern about the results that the non acceptance of the BZV card could have on the health of the people depending on the coverage that this card is supposed to give. 

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The refusal to accept insurance cards SVB, BZV and FZOG is not a new development; this is an affair that has been ongoing for years. The entities involved however usually come to a solution albeit temporarily, but it requires understanding of the situation, dialogue and the will to find a solution.

This time around it would appear that there has been no dialogue and so the will to come to a solution from all indications provided seems to be lacking from the part of government.

This entire matter emphasizes the need for the National Health Insurance, says Council member Maria Buncamper-Molanus, who picked up the initial reports prepared by her predecessor Franklyn Meyers in 2007 and prepared a proposal for a National Health Insurance which was based on dialogue with healthcare providers, insurance companies and other concerned parties. This project should continue to be developed in order to come to a final proposal, Buncamper-Molanus says.

Before leaving office now almost a year ago, the DP Councilmember stated that the preliminary calculations had been made by Keessens Actuary which calculated the feasibility of this project, but the project went dormant after Government changed and the portfolio was taken over by a National Alliance Commissioner.

Councilmember Maria Buncamper is calling on the Commissioner of Public Health to intervene in the BZV issue as it relates to pharmacists not being paid; perhaps direct communication with the pharmacists should be had at this time, while the administration of BZV is sorted out..

It is the people who depend on the coverage provided by the island government through this BZV card that are suffering the consequences when it comes to their health and it is the pharmacists that may go bankrupt, in these already trying economic times if government does not step it and help solve the financial problems immediately.

Councilmember Maria Buncamper-Molanus says that she hopes government will realize that they must act now and that the commitment given to the DP faction that the report "Point Of Departure of the National Health Insurance" is brought to the floor of the Island Council as promised this month.