Police Report: Man dies suspiciously


On Monday May 31st at approximately 02.00 a.m. the Central Police Dispatch received phone calls from residents on the Amarrilys road in the Mary’s Fancy area, informing them that they could hear a person who was some where between the bushes calling out for help, but could not see this person.

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This person was moving slowly through ( down the hill) the thick shrub/bushes in the immediate area. Immediately several police patrols were sent into the area to investigate the matter.

On the scene the patrols could hear the movement in the bushes but because of the darkness, the thickness of the shrub and the heavy downpour of rain which started at the same time, they could not pin point the exact location of the person.

The Fire dept. were called in to cut a track through the bushes to get easier access to the area where the noises were coming from. Finally the body a white male was located in the bushes, however he was not showing any signs of life. At the time victim was located, his body showed only minor scratches and bruises which possibly happened while going through the bushes. The body of the victim was removed from the bushes and taken to a nearby yard where the paramedics, tried to revive the victim but without success. A medical doctor shortly after pronounced the death of the victim, however she could not at the time, establish the exact cause death. The body of the victim has been confiscated for further investigation.

At daybreak this morning and 11.00 a.m. K-9 officers along with other police officers conducted an intense search of the area. During this search a small amount of cash, a VISA credit card and an American drivers license of the victim were found and confiscated. His name is Kevin Duggan Woods, born in Nevada U.S.A. April 10th 1978.

The investigation into this case has just started and any family member or any-one who knows the victim and who can identify him are asked to immediately get in contact with the detective dept. atTel. phone 54-22222 ext. 225/222/ 224.