Police Report: Armed robberies,2 arrested for break-in,Enraged man resist heavily

At least three armed robberies were reported to have taken place on Friday May 28th. Two of these robberies to place in Cole bay and one in the Philipsburg district.  

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The suspects in these robberies were young men between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. They wore dark clothing. Their weapons of choice machetes and handguns. They would steal money from the establishment and also rob the clients that are present. On one occasion one of the victims was struck with the flat side of a machete. All cases are under investigation by the Special Robbery unit.

2 arrested for break-in

On Saturday May 29th at approximately 03.30 a.m. a police patrol from the Simpson Bay District was sent to the Shell Select Gas station to investigate a case in which two young men were seen carrying a brand new flat screen television. On the scene the two men in question were located. They started behaving quite suspicious on the arrival of the patrol. Their initials are C.B. and J.P. Both are french nationals born in Paris. During the investigation the officers found a Sharp Aquos Liquid Cristal Flat screen T.v. that was hidden under a sheet. These young men could not give an acceptable explanation of where the T.V. came from or who the owner is. They were both arrested on the spot. One of the suspects shortly after confessed they had broken in to one of the hotel room at Maho Reef Hotel. Both young men were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for further investigation. The supervisor of the Hotel recognized the television as being property of the hotel.

Enraged man resist heavily

On Saturday May 29th at approximately 08.20 p.m. two police patrols were sent to Le Pettit Chateu on Soualiga Boulevard for an enraged man who was armed with a knife and a bottle and didn’t want to leave the premises. On the scene the patrol approached the man in question, who seemed to be severely be under the influence of alcohol or some unknown drug. The man refused to cooperate with the patrols. After for quite some time attempting to convince this man to put the knife and bottle down he still refused to cooperate with polite and started behaving quite aggressive towards the officers by swinging the knife in their direction. The officers had no other choice but use force to subdue the suspect. They suspect continued to resist heavily by kicking the officers and attacking them with the broken beer bottle. Shortly after the officers succeeded in overpowering the suspect and putting him into handcuffs. He was taken to the police station to calm down however the suspect with the initials H.M.G from the Dominican Republic continued with his aggressive behavior. He was then taken by ambulance to the Medical Center for treatment and to determine what caused him to behave in that manner. After being checked out and treated for minor bruises by the medical staff the suspect was admitted to hospital. The behaviour of the suspect was caused by the use of cocaine.

In the process of arresting the suspect one officer received injuries to his lower jaw and other suffered a broken finger of his right hand. This case is under investigation.

Suspect arrested

The man with initials W. St. J. for whom for some time now, a warrant for his arrest had been issued in connection with the destruction of a bycicle belonging to the police bike patrol has been arrested. The arrest took place without incident on Sunday May 30th. The suspect was taken to the police station and handed over the detective dept. for further investigation.