13 French St. Martiners pre-selected for French National Teams after French baseball tryouts on Sxm

As result of the tryouts held on St. Martin by the French baseball Federation manager 13 St. Martiners have been preselected to be part of a French Republic baseball national team. 

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The final selection will be after the baseball tournament in Rouen, France of which the French St. Martin Baseball and Softball Association in conjunction with the St. Martin Pony League have been invited to send a selection team to the tournament. The reason for this is that the manager of the French Baseball Federation prefer to make his final selection after he has seen all the French Republic players playing together. At that time he will be in a better position to make a better selection of the players. As it stands now 13 St. Martin players have been pre-selected for the various French Republic National selections. These players are ; 1 player for the 17 and under, 7 players for the 21 and under and 5 players for the adult team that will be contesting the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Among the preselected players are Rene Leveret, Felix Brown, Omar Williams, Yamal Thomas, Demitri Beauphertuy, Miguel Hanson, Gabriel Connor, Brenedy Tejada, Jean Samer, David van Heyningen, Antonio Felix, Ruben Daniels, and Luis de la Rosa. After the final selection the players selected will have to attend baseball tournaments in Stuttgart Germany, Toulouse France, Prague in the Chzech Republic, Orlando USA and Thunderbay Canada.

The players mention above together with more players that are yet to be selected will be forming part of the French St. Martin selection team that will be attending the tournament in France. The St. Martin selection is expected to be in France on July 12 and will return on July 19, 2010. According to the Federation manager the St. Martin selection team could do very good in France. He is of the opinion that St. Martin because of its potentials henceforth will be forming part of all the French Republic Baseball National Teams. The local organizers, the French St. Martin Baseball and Softball Association in conjunction with the St. Martin Pony League are proud to have accomplish such an assignment and are encouraging all players to do their best to maintain the name of St. Martin high in French Republic Baseball.