Minister Jacoba has started with a widespread information campaign


One of the most important courses of action of the Minister of Justice, Mrs. Magali Jacoba is giving information to workers in the judicial sector as well as to the community, which she serves.

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The theme of the administration is: "Justice is here for me, for you, and for us all!" But in order to make justice available to everyone, communication must start with and information actively given to the community.
Information can be obtained vie e-mail, or via the justice department’s website, or on the blog of Minister Jacoba, which is Some examples of topics which will be published are:
CRW court, CRW prosecutor’s office, RW police, council of law reinforcement, cooperation arrangement immigration, cooperation arrangement prison, KPNA CPD, Immigration, NTO, LPO, VNA, Federal Detective department, Public prosecutor’s office, Registrar, the court, prison, GOG, BIE, Brasami, rehabilitation, court of guardianship, coast guard, human smuggling, PVNA, DJZ, help for victims.

In this manner Minister Jacoba does according to her policy which is to inform employees as well as the community about her work and accomplishments during her tenure as Minister of Justice.