DP Proposes English Language, GEBE Concesion, Receive Outstanding Reports


The Democratic Party held their weekly Press Briefing with the media to inform them and the public of their latest assessments and issues.

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During the press briefing the DP expressed that there were some occurances during the last couple of days with the Island Council of St.Maarten.

They made an assessment that the Island Council Members are not where they’re suppose to be, especially seeing that the time is near for the new status of Country St.Maarten.

The matter of the ”Telem Holding” agenda point from May 24th 2010 Island Council meeting was also adressed. The ”Telem Holding” agenda point is for Telem to get in line with the coporate governance code & regulation and for them to get financing/loan by means of an issuance of a bond.

The DP mentioned that they would be sending in a letter to the Executive Council to propose that English language be used during Island Council meetings to better inform the public, seeing that it is the main language on St.Maarten.

They also mentioned that they have recieved several reports that they requested. The 3 reports that they mentioned that they received were the Environmental & Health Impact Assessment, the Great Salt Pond Capacity Report & the Waste Analysis Report.

The 2010 budget was also discussed during the press briefing.

Island Councilman Mr.Roy Marlin was also present at the press briefing and expressed his views on the voting that took place on May 24th 2010 on the non-confidence against Mr.Blackman. He stated that is was no mistake in the way they answered during the voting process.

Another topic he touched on was the GEBE concesion, which he stated should have been in place since January 1st 2010, to be able to satisfy the agreements with GEBE & the financers.

He also spoke about the topic that was discussed during a Island Council meeting prior to May 24th 2010, in which he proposed the Executive Council prepare a calendar to schedule meetings during the months of June, July & August. Those meetings will help to get alot of back-work done, so they will need all hands (island council members) on deck.