Because of Prayer book party on Saturday at WIFOL Center, former Lt. Gov. Luckert as guest speaker

The book party for Because of Prayer by Felecita T. Williams takes place on Saturday, May 29 here at the WIFOL convention center, at 7.30pm, said the book’s publisher, House of Nehesi (HNP).  

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Former acting Lt. Governor Richard Luckert will introduce the new autobiography as the guest speaker, said Felecita Williams. St. Martin’s newest author will also read selections from her own true-life story.

Dr. E.D. Wolff of the Sophia Kinderziekenhuis in The Netherlands, sets part of the stage for readers when he wrote about how he met the author over 25 years ago:

"There was a little girl on Curaçao (originally from St. Maarten) who was suffering from serious kidney failure."

"Moreover, it was revealed that she was seriously ill in an isolation room. … Based on our experience with children with kidney failure we thought that perhaps we could offer some help and that is the way that Cita Williams came into our lives."

The slim and attractively designed hardcover book recounts childhood experiences of joy and tremendous pain that could make some readers wince, "especially when they realize that it was a small child going through the medical operations," said HNP president Jacqueline Sample.

Williams courageously and sometimes cautiously wrote about her birth at St. Rose Hospital, family sacrifice, the search for a new kidney, being a student at MPC, puppy love "attractions," questions about life, finding a church where "something" was not missing, and challenges on her job with co-workers, said Sample.

"Did Felecita name names? What did her parents do when they were told to prepare for the worst and a minister appeared at her hospital bed in Curacao? We all have to read the book for those answers," said Sample.

According to the author, it took nearly four years of writing Because of Prayer before she approached HNP in 2009.

The new book is available at Van Dorp and Arnia’s bookstores and the author will be signing copies at the book launch on Saturday, said Sample.