EMS WEEK: Ambulance department profiles its staff members for outstanding service

In celebration of Emergency Medical Services week, the GIS in collaboration with the Ambulance Department will profile three outstanding individuals at the department for exceptional work and also bring light to the department and their new promotional number to call: 912. 

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The first of the departmental highlights is Miss Debra Tamara Tackling. Debra started to work with the ambulance department on March 16th, 2009.

Currently she is a dispatcher at the Ambulance Department and her task is to take Medical EMERGENCY calls (912) and to get as much information in order to pass on the information to the Nurse and Driver on board the Ambulance. Debra also enters information of each call into the special computer system: C.A.V.I.S.

Debra says, because she is also an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) she is able to help others when they call in an emergency. "I can try and talk to the caller, calm them down and get as much information. Also in some situations, I can tell the caller how to help the victim."

Her preoccupations in this world, Debra says are her two children, her job and going to school.

"I have my G.E.D., First Responder, and E.M.T. achievements, and hopefully in August, I will start the Nursing Assistant Class."

In the past, Debra has worked as a Front Desk Clerk, a Waitress, a Secretary’s Assistant, and also a Dispatcher at a local security business. She enjoys such hobbies as baking cakes and playing educational games.

It is important, Debra says, when making a Medical EMERGENCY (912) call, please try and stay calm and don’t get upset when the dispatcher asks you questions. We need to ask questions to know:

1) What is the emergency?

2) Is the person conscious?

3) Is the person breathing?

4) What is the exact location of the emergency?

5) How many people are hurt?

6) What is your name and contact number?

Later this week another member of the Ambulance department will be featured and as a reminder the theme of this year’s EMS WEEK is "Anytime, anywhere we will be there"