Police Report: Raid on house on Backstreet, Break-in suspects arrested


Raid on house on Backstreet

Based on information coming into the Detective department concerning serious criminal activities taking place at the address Back street 117, the Judge of Instruction van Veen and the Public Prosecutor Mudd along with several detectives carried-out a raid at that address.

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On the arrival of the investigating officers on the scene they encountered five young men. Their initials are A.F., K.C.F., S.G., J.P.S., and M.N. During the investigation at this address several large packs of compacted marijuana, three fire-arms and three motorcycles were found and confiscated. The suspect with initials M.N. saw the opportunity during the investigation to escape from the police and is still at large. The other four suspects were arrested on the spot and taken to to police station where they remain in custody pending further investigation. A warrant for the arrest of the suspect M.N. has issued.


Break-in suspects arrested

On Sunday May 23rd at approximately 11.45 a.m. police patrols from Philipsburg and Simpson bay were directed to King of the Seas road in connection with the breaking in of a home. On the scene the patrol learnt from a concerned citizen that two unknown young men, shortly before, had broken into a home on that road. The citizen had also informed the officers that the suspects had fled in a blue Kia Rio with license plate M-8751.

A massive search to locate the suspects and the suspects vehicle was done. Shortly after the suspects were arrested on Arch road in the vicinity of Cable T.V. A large amount of gold jewelry and other type of jewelry were found in the car. Both suspects were arrested on the spot and the car which later turned out to be a rental and the jewelry were confiscated for further investigation. They were taken to the police station and handed over to the detective department. The owner of the jewelry recognized the jewelry as her property.