On February 21st, 2010 Saint-Louis Stars Association and St Maarten Soccer Educational Foundation joined forces to offer best chances possible to youth talent in the field of soccer. 

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In continuation of this wonderful effort, Saint-Louis Stars and Sint-Maarten Soccer Educational Foundation are participating jointly in the international tournament " Disney Memorial Soccer Shoot Out" in World Disney Orlando Florida from May 27 to June 1st 2010, whereby more than 500 teams from various parts of the world (well known in soccer) will part take.

The full delegation of the French and Dutch side consists of 68 people and are registered in the categories: under 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old. Joint practices have been set up through which the children are prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for this event.

The cost of this wonderful experience for our boys is US$1060 per persons including all related fees.

Not wanting to disappoint the kids nor to forfeit our representation at such immense soccer meeting, all possible efforts are made to make the project a reality and to offer the young athletes a time they will surely never forget. At this difficult time of a recession, sponsors are willing but very limited.
Parents have given but many other fund raisers still need to be done.

To seal the budget, a plan of action has been put together to raise said funds in the form of a DOLLAR DRIVE strategically placed in the area of Marigot. The team leans on the population to associate by putting a dollar or more in our boxes Saturday, May 22nd 2010 from 9to 12 noon. Should for some reason our boxes do not cross your path and you would like to give saint louis stars can be contacted at sa***************@ho*****.fr or 0590690626966.
We trust your comprehension and hope you will be sensitive to our appeal.

Your sincerely.

The President of Saint-Louis Stars Association
Fabrice BALY