Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson on hand to promote EMS Week & Ambulance Dept.


The Ambulance Department will be commemorating Emergency Medical Services Week (EMS) next week to bring awareness about what its personnel do on a daily basis and how the public could better understand the department’s role in the community.

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To begin the awareness campaign, Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson was present to accept a brochure and a poster by Head of the Ambulance Department Cylred Richardson and other staff members, namely: Tynisha Arrindell, Menno Wierda, and Arcides Cristina.

Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson was pleased to be present and provided a few words.

"Good morning to the personnel of the ambulance department and the various media houses. I am honored this morning to accept on behalf of the Executive Council the newly created brochure and poster for the Ambulance Department before the official start of the ‘Emergency Medical Services Week’ which will commence this Sunday May 23, 2010 as indicated by Mr. Cylred Richardson (Head of the Ambulance Department). 

The brochures and posters depict more of the initiatives being taken by the New Ministry of Public Health and the Ambulance Department to fully inform the general public of the necessary steps that can be taken to ensure their continued safety during emergency situations.  

It is always important for the general public to feel comfortable and safe in emergency situations. The Ambulance Department in my opinion has taken an important step in ensuring that sense of security for the general public by introducing the team of the department in the brochure and organizing a week of activities.  

My staff and I have already made sure that the poster is featured proudly in the office and I would like to encourage the general public to do the same. 

I understand that there will be a number of activities during the upcoming EMS week intended to fully inform the public of the services of the department. I would like to wish the organizers much success and ask the general public to come out and support our ambulance department during the activities and at all times considering the important work that they do for our community. 

The theme for this week ‘anytime, anywhere we will be there’ is a strong and accurate theme for this department, considering the strides that have been made to improve the department over the last months."

Cylred Richardson, the head of the Ambulance Department, explained the theme is "Any time, Any where, We will be there", during this period we have intensified the promotional activities which are aimed at giving the public more information on how to make use of the ambulance services.

Tynisha Arrindell pointed out that EMS Week is not just about Ambulance workers, but about all emergency responders—Police, Fire Department, Emergency room nurses, including the their counterparts on the French side.

There will be a church service, radio station interviews, presentation of posters and brochures, an open house, motorcade, among other activities.

Arrendell urged the public to take part in the activities in whatever way they can.