Police Report: Man threatened and shot at

On Tuesday May 18th the man with initials S.S. filed an official report with the Detective Department stating that on that same day at approximately 11.00 a.m. while driving in his car from the French Side to the Dutch Side, in the area of Belvedere, he was confronted by two men whom he knows very well by seeing them. 

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These men are friends of another man with whom he had problems with in the past. These men who at the time were riding on a motorcycle are persons who regularly hang around in the Belvedere area. The victim further stated that the suspects blocked his vehicle with the motorcycle, obstructing him from driving on. One of the suspects stepped off of the motorcycle and approached him. This suspect pulled a revolver, threatened the victim and told him to drive into Belvedere. The victim refused and fearing for his life saw the opportunity to escape. The victim drove into the direction of Philipsburg. The victim realised he was being followed by the suspects and when reaching the building of ITC on the Illidge road he heard a gun shot go off. He continued driving and stopped his car at the Shell gas station on the Illidge road. However the suspects continued following him in the direction of Fresh Market. Shortley after while driving towards the police station in Philipsburg the suspect met up with a police patrol and informed them of the situation. An intense search by the patrol was done however the suspects were not located. This case is under investigation by the Detective department.