PNP focusing on future after 10-10-10

WILLEMSTAD — The future of the Country Curaçao regards everyone.


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This was the theme of the PNP national assembly held in the Because Entertainment Center last weekend. Proposals made and confirmed during the assembly, are to serve as a basis for a national plan for the Country Curaçao after October 10th 2010.

In a press report, the green party describes the assembly as a great success. During the congress, those present had been given the opportunity to enter into a debate on the contents of the national plan. One had discussed amongst others education, formation, public health, social development, foreign connections, and the interrelation between the various Kingdom partners. The proposals that are related to these points are incorporated in a temporary framework that will be used for the national plan, as intended by the green party. According to the PNP, this national plan should form the basis for the future development of Curaçao in its new political status.
During the assembly, one had also spoken about the necessity for a National Vision, which is to indicate what kind of people and what is required for social and economical development to raise Curaçao to a prominent place in the region again within one generation. The center thought is that the island’s citizens join hands to reach a comprise in the interest of the island’s future development.
During the assembly, the PNP-board was given the task to inform the people in the local districts of the national plan once it was ready. This way the entire island will be informed as to which sector requires investment and how everyone could contribute one’s mite.
The Aruban Premier Mike Eman (AVP) had been one of the guest speakers during the opening of the assembly. He had expressed his appreciation on the fact that the PNP had not assembled during election time to discuss the necessity of a mutual vision for Curaçao. Eman had also spoken well on the history of the PNP, who will be celebrating its 62nd anniversary this year. According to the Aruban Premier, the PNP had also been a party who could dispose of strong roots in turbulent times to support them through difficult times. "This is what a nation needs on the verge of realizing a self-governing status. A self-governing country must have free wings in order to fly but also solid ground to stand on. This way we could guarantee a good cooperation in the Kingdom."