Press Release from The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation

The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has taken note of the comments by its former President Kendall Dupersoy and questioned if he has not been paying attention. Dupersoy is late to the news.  

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The recommendations Dupersoy mentioned is exactly what the SCDF has already put in place some two weeks ago to guide Carnival forward and improvement upon our organizational structure. An advisory group consisting of former, well-standing presidents of the SCDF, business people, cultural experts and others is in place and in working on a plan in collaboration with the SCDF.

This group won’t be the only entity assisting us professionally, financially and otherwise as we are implementing a complete new structure being led by the most reputable and successful Presidents the SCDF has ever had, Mr. Erno Labega.


While it may be topical to complain about Carnival, it should be noted by the public that through our actions to solicit the assistance of the advisory group, we have acknowledged that there are some areas of Carnival that require the input of several stakeholders and are committed to the improvement of said areas.


The SCDF is grateful that the aforementioned persons have decided to forgo complaining and finger pointing and help develop St. Maarten’s largest cultural festival.


Furthermore, we do not hide from the fact that mistakes were made or that there are shortcomings, but we ask the public to consider the source of the latest criticism. We also remind the public that this current board inherited a number of issues from Dupersoy’s short tenure as President including some which led to him being the only president in the history of the SCDF to be ousted from his post. Issues which we would not like to revisit again and as they have been thoroughly reported upon.


As we move forward in our preparations for Carnival 2011 we ask the general public for its patience and understanding and assure you that we will publicize our plan as we move along in the coming weeks.