Because of Prayer autobiography by Felecita Williams published


Because of Prayer by Felecita T. Williams is St. Martin’s newest book and is now in bookstores, said Jacqueline Sample, president of House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

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The diary-style true story just published here by HNP, follows Williams from her life as a happy child to her near-death experience because of kidney failure, to adulthood.

The slim and attractively designed hardcover book recounts childhood experiences of joy and tremendous pain that could make some readers wince, "especially when they realize that it was a small child going through the medical operations," said Sample.

Williams courageously and sometimes cautiously reveals eye-opening glimpses into private family sacrifices, being a student at MPC, puppy love "attractions," questions about life and faith, and challenges on her job with co-workers.

The SVB employee is now St. Martin’s newest author.

"Did Felecita name names? What did her parents do when they were told to prepare for the worst and a minister appeared at her hospital bed in Curacao? We all have to read the book for those answers," said Sample.

The idea to write the book was planted in 2003, at a religious retreat in Anguilla but the actual writing started in 2006, said Williams.

A typical St. Martin feature in the book is the amount of travels by Williams, "Even if in this case, much of the travels and living for lengths of time in the Netherlands had to do with Felecita’s medical care and the search for a new kidney," said Sample.

Though somewhat unusual for an autobiography, the book includes an appendix of comments by people who have long been involved in the life of Williams.

Among the "commentators" giving testimony are the author’s father Austin, mother Irene, other family members and friends, Dr. E. Wolff, one of her physicians in the Netherlands, and former acting Lt. Governor Richard Luckert.

Because of Prayer is scheduled to launch on Saturday, May 29 at the WIFOL Convention Center, at 7.30pm. "But you don’t have to wait to get a sneak preview of a very private story that the author said is also ‘God’s business’," said Sample.