DP: How many Executive Councils do we have? ”Theo need to state his position on the TOT Increase?”


The leader of the NA/Heyliger/Laveist government during the Island Council meeting of May 11, 2010, after much prodding by the DP faction members reluctantly admitted that the Executive Council of St. Maarten has proposed a 1% Turn Over tax increase to balance the 2010 budget.

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Commissioner Theodore Heyliger in his usual manner is not expressing any public opinion on this matter, meanwhile telling individual citizens that he is not in agreement with this proposal. Heyliger needs to stop the cat and mouse games that he has played in the past as a member of the DP, and still now while supporting the NA government, by stating privately that he didn’t or doesn’t agree with this or that. The matter of the directorate of ROB is a case in point.

"You either are part of the Executive Council or you are not." The Democratic Party reminds Heyliger that the Executive Council carries a collective responsibility and even if you vote against as he said he did with the ROB directors, he is part and parcel of Executive Council decisions.


If you don’t agree with a proposal tabled in the Executive Council then "pick up your marbles and go home". That would show some backbone.

The NA/Heyliger Executive Council sent a letter to the CFT wherein they stated that their solution to balance the 2010 budget is a.o. an increase of the Turn over Tax from 3 to 4%. At no time did the letter state that this measure is for a 6 months period. At no time did the letter state that it is a NA only proposal.

Once the additional 1% goes into effect prices for the small man and woman will also increase, because TO Tax is passed on to the consumer however you turn or twist it. Once the prices of a loaf of bread, powder milk, soap, pampers or other basic items increase due to this "knee jerk" decision of the NA/Heyliger/Laveist coalition, do they think that after 6 months if -and this is a big if-, the Turn Over Tax is reduced that the prices will go back down?

The small man and woman will continue to have to absorb this increase and feel it in their pockets. Overall increase of goods, but no increase in the wages of the working man and woman.

If this government would stop globetrotting around the world, they can achieve considerable savings which can be put towards balancing the 2010 budget without having to burden the community at large with more taxes.

The UPP party or better called the UP Party has launched its 2010 campaign with at the helm TO, but the only thing going UP is the cost of living for the small man and woman. Thanks to the increase in the TOT or better said the "TO" Tax.

If Commissioner "TO" Heyliger wants to maintain some credibility in this community then he must state his position on the increase of the "TO" Tax.

He can’t hide any longer behind the frivolous statement of "I was not present when this was done". He can’t blame it on Sarah any more.

"It is not done yet Commissioner "TO" Heyliger, because the Central Government has not carried out the request of the Executive Council. You still have the opportunity to redeem yourself with the voters who put you in office under the Democratic Party’s vanguard. Stand up and state your position on this very important issue. It’s either fish or fowl.


The DP party has stated its position, no "TO" Tax increase, but

1. Slash the "luxuries" in the 2010 budget,

2. Check the calculations of "Staat B" of the budget (see letter of the DP faction of April 1, 2010, 3. Use the political power of 3 seats in the Antillean Parliament to demand a greater part of the revenue derived on St. Maarten. With the dismantling that has started, the Central government is remaining with a surplus of revenue collected on St. Maarten;

The leader of the NA has stated the NA’s position, which is, come what may "TO" Tax will increase. Now we need to hear from "TO". No response by the honourable gentleman means "silence is consent". This monkey will definitely not be placed on the backs of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party of St. Maarten.