Commissioner of public health Hyacinth Richardson on focal spraying on island


Commissioner of Public Health Mr. Hyacinth Richardson has been actively lobbying with all of the relevant stakeholders to have various districts on the island sprayed in order to combat the outbreak of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which has been linked to Dengue Fever.

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The commissioner indicated in a press release to the Government Information Service (GIS) on Monday that through the hard work, endless efforts and consistent dedication by the relevant departments makes it possible that the new Collective Preventative Services (CPS) of Sector Public Health, Social Development & Labour are able to commence with focal spraying throughout the island since it is long overdue; a sentiment expressed daily by many within the community.

It all began in March of this year when six persons from the unemployed market were utilized to inspect yards, give information and accumulate data such as the number of breeding places, types of mosquitoes found and the most common mosquito breeding sources on the island.

Due to the diligent work of these individuals and all departments involved the Collective Preventative Services has been able to comprise a list of target areas in order to commence with this much needed activity on the island.

Commissioner Hyacinth also stated that he was aware of the locations where the focal spraying will take place starting on Sunday May 16, 2010 and he encourages residents, business owners to follow all instructions issued by the relevant authorities as we further try to protect the island from any unnecessary virulent outbreaks. Through cooperation and awareness we will be able to combat decease and illness for many years to come.

The Commissioner on behalf of the Executive Council continues to encourage the community to take proper control measures around their homes to reduce mosquito breeding. It must also be noted, through ongoing efforts that the products to be utilized during the upcoming fogging are more environmentally friendly.

The focal spraying of areas on the island is representing a continued step in the right direction to safeguard the health and prosperity of our community.