Board of Financial Supervision gives an update of St.Maarten’s Income Revenue


The CFT Board held a press conference to inform the media and public alike of the income revenue of St.Maarten.


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During the press conference, the CFT spoke about the different expenses & loop holes St.Maarten has had.

They held a conference with the Government & the Island Council that lasted a total of 3 1/2 hours. The outcome of that meeting was that the Government gave their word that they would inform the CFT of it’s monthly income, taxes, education, healthcare, etc.

The CFT offered to help the Government manage their monthly income and to inform them of when something looks wrong, especially if the income starts to decrease.

CFT told the Government that they should increase the budget, in order to make more money.

The budget for 2010 that was recently made, was not the way CFT wanted it, seeing that it was sent in late. But they said it was done good. 

The deadline for the 2011 budget, is August 15th 2010.