Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba works on transparent transfer of leadership in the Curacao Police


Willemstad – To clarify, Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba reiterates that the process to fill the post of Chief of the Curacao Police Department will take place according to agreements made with the unions ABVO and NAPB. Minister Jacoba accentuates that the position of Chief of Police is not vacant therefore the process has not started yet.

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In December 2010, the current Chief of Police, Mr. Carlos Casseres, will reach retirement age and will leave his post to enjoy a well deserved pension. One of the Minister’s ambition is to secure a responsible transfer of leadership in the police department to guarantee continuity in the process of constructing a complete and professional police department for Curacao. All this considering the stage the police department is in at this moment.

Base of this construction process is the new organization plan (inrichtingsplan) for the Curacao police department, together with all its activities, functions and competencies. Currently the police department is going through a rigorous process to start the organizational plan for the new entity.

The transfer of leadership is taking place in the middle of this implementation process. For this purpose is Minister Jacoba working on a responsible and transparent transfer of leadership.

A very important aspect of this transfer of leadership is that the new chief and second chief of the polis department possesses ample work experience in the Netherlands Antilles with knowledge of the socio-cultural relations in Curacao and all the qualifications necessary to guarantee to continuity of building the Curacao police department to become a complete and professional entity according to the organizational plan which was handed in Februari 2010 to the Minister of Justice.

It is known that currently the police department has different officials who have possesses the qualifications to exercise the function s of chief and second chief of police. They all will get equal and objective opportunity to become chief of police. For this to become possible, it is the desire of Minister Jacoba for all of them to apply for these two positions.

The Minister is currently working on a transparent and objective procedure to fill these vacancies of chief and second chief of police. This procedure will take place according to agreements with Unions ABV and NAPB. This means that local officials will get a chance first. If there are no results there then

the process will continue for applicants outside the department.