Unknown man found dead in Mullet Bay


On Monday May 10th at approximately 12.10 p.m. the Central Police Dispatch received a call informing them of a dead body that was located in the Mullet bay area.

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Several police patrols, Detective Dept and Forensic Department were sent to the scene to investigate the matter. On the scene the patrols encountered the body of man with a dark complexion, lying on his back in the open space which used to be the Mullet Convention Center. This man bled from several wounds to his head and body. He did not show any signs of life and was shortly after pronounced dead by a medical doctor that was sent to the scene. The preliminary investigation done by the Forensic Department indicates this to be a criminal case. The identity of the victim and the exact cause of death have not yet been established.

Description of the victim is as follows:

Black male, approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, dark complexion, strong posture, age is late twenties early thirties, head shaven bald, victim has no facial hair, wearing a short trousers/pants and no shirt.

Victim has two tattoos on his left shoulder, one with the names Mikaila, Paula or Zoila, and Rolia or Rolia. The other tattoo is two hands coming together in prayer.

The Police Department is asking anyone of the general public or a family member who may recognize this person based on description that is given to contact the Detective Department on the Phone number 54-22222 ext. 222/224/225 or they can also call 911 to give information to be able to establish the identity of the victim. Also the Police Department is asking the general public who may have any information with regard to this criminal act to also give the Detective Department and pass on this information.