Placement Central Government Civil Servants

Former Commissioner of Personnel Affairs Maria Buncamper-Molanus has written to the Executive Council expressing the concerns of the DP faction in the Island Council about the Central Government Civil servants. 

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The particular group that the faction is quarrying the government about is the civil servants who are working in the recently transferred ministries from the Central Government to the Island Government, who apparently have not received any confirmation securing their positions in the new St. Maarten government.

The letter dated May 10th 2010 states that while the first two ministries have been transferred from the Central Government to St. Maarten, the DP faction would like to express its concerns about the civil servants employed by the Central Government whose status apparently has not been regulated.

Councilmember Maria Buncamper-Molanus continues to state that the central committee handled the social statute and while the questions posed to the supporting staff present, were answered during the meeting, the government is yet to respond to questions posed directly to the Executive Council.

It is our understanding that the Central Government personnel were informed that they would be seconded to the Island Government as of April 19th 2010, but the Executive Council must agree that without an official document such as a resolution establishing this, these civil servants have no guarantees, not to mention possible consequences this could have for their legal status within the new government organization.

We are hereby impressing on the Executive Council to regulate this matter post haste in order to provide the necessary guarantees to the central government civil servants currently working in the ministries recently transferred to St. Maarten.

The DP faction is hereby requesting receipt of confirmation and substantiation that the legal status of the central government employees working in the recently transferred ministries has in fact been done. Secondly we hereby request to be informed which positions through this process have been filled in the new government organization.