Winair’s ticket office was robbed


Winair’s ticket office was robbed earlier this morning by three gun touting youths. Managing Director of Winair, Edwin Hodge pointed out that the three young men posed as customers and held up the two female employees in the ticket office at the company’s headquarters. He disclosed that the unfortunate incident occurred around 11.05 am earlier today and has left employees within the company traumatized

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It is a very unfortunate incident that occurred today, however we are satisfied with the security systems that we have in place in detecting those responsible for this incident," Hodge said. Hodge pointed out that a small amount of cash, keys, and personal belongings of the two employees were stolen while stressing that fortunately no one was injured in the three minute ordeal.


He noted that after the three men entered the office they held up the employees while proceeding to hold other employees of the company at gunpoint. He said that however this was quickly aborted due to the quick reaction of staff.


"The safety and security of both our employees and customers are of paramount importance and therefore we will investigate this matter as we seek to ensure that those responsible for this unfortunate situation is brought to justice. I am very happy with the timely response of the police who were notified by employees and responded within minutes of the incident," Hodge said.


The WINAIR MD stressed that the company’s security measures will be revisited in an effort to further enhanced it as it seek to maintain and guarantee employees and customers security and safety. He declared that all attempts will be made to ensure that justice is served. The three bandits escaped in a waiting car which was parked in front of the company’s office.


Hodge expressed thanks and appreciation to the quick and timely response of employees who he said assisted in averting any potential damage to lives and property. The Human Resource Manager has contacted the company’s doctor and psychologist to work with the affected employees.


Vice President of Marketing, Claudio Buncamper who was in his office a mere few yards away from where the robbery took place said that systems will have to be enhanced as its evident from the action of the young men that they were desperate adding that he is happy that no one was hurt.


Buncamper said that while it is the perception that large cash is held at the company it is a myth as the company has implemented strict security arrangements with regards to large amount of finances. Hodge and Buncamper expressed appreciation for the police timely response stressing that they are satisfied with the support and assistance being given thus far from the law enforcement officers. The police are investigating the incident.