Press Release from the Board of the WICSU -PSU & WITU

The Board of the Windward Islands Civil Servants Union-PSU (WICSU -PSU) and the Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU), would like to inform its members of the current situation with the retroactive payment of the new salary scales. 

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In the April 2010 pay check the Cost-of-Living Adjustment of 2006-2007 was applied. In the new salary scales structure, it was agreed that the cost-of-living would be integrated to the salary scales. This is a total of 4.6% to be added to your current basic salary.

The one time lump sum payment consists of:

1. Three months retroactive payment of the new salary scale of January 2010.

2. The Christmas bonus, which is Nafls. 335,00 for those earning under Nafls. 2,845.00 and Nafls 250,00 for those above.

3. Pensioners will receive Nafls. 145,00.

Furthermore, the Board of the WITU would like the teachers and all workers of the Private Subsidized School boards to take note that this payment might be forthcoming on a later date for them, due to administrative procedures for the school boards to claim this extra pay in their subsidy request. Most likely by the end of May 2010.

Copies of the new salary scales January 2010 was distributed to the members of the WITU at General Membership Meeting of August 2009.

Any additional information pertaining to these salary scales can be obtained by contacting the respective unions.

On behalf of the Board of WICSU-PSU and WITU,

Fraternally yours,


Mrs. Claire Elshot Mr. William Reed

President of WITU President of WICSU-PSU