2010 Royal Decorations Presentation by Governor Franklin Richards


The following is the 2010 Royal Decorations Presentation by Governor Franklin Richards.

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2010 Royal Decorations Presentation by Governor Franklin Richards

Island Territory of St. Maarten

Remarks by Hon. F.E. Richards, LL.M.

Governor of the Island Territory of St. Maarten

April 29, 2010

Governor’s Mansion

Little Bay

Members of government; royal decorations recipients; accompanying family members, friends and well-wishers; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen:

As has been the case for the past decade, it gives me great pleasure, also on behalf of my wife, Angela, to welcome all of you to our residence, for the 2010 presentation of royal decorations on the island territory of St. Maarten.

This festive gathering here today, additionally, fills me with some degree of nostalgia, cognizant that this will probably be the last time I get to host this magnificent event in the capacity of governor of the island territory of St. Maarten – now that it has been confirmed that St. Maarten is to become country St. Maarten on 10 – 10 – 10.

I am, once more, honored to have as our special guests, a group of St. Maarten residents, being honored with this year’s royal decorations, on the occasion of Queen’s Birthday 2010.

In awhile, they will be called forward in recognition of their lasting contributions and varied contributions to society and to the community.

By royal decree a group of well-known persons on St. Maarten are this year honored with royal decorations.

This year’s recipients come from among the ranks of those simply dedicating time to others, thereby contributing to a better life for others.

These recipients have established track records that speak for themselves. They have distinguished themselves through offering care and support and inspiring others through their energy, commitment and dedication to volunteerism.

We must therefore recognize these extraordinary individuals for their unselfish less efforts.

As you know, the honors of royal decorations are conferred on persons who have rendered exceptional service to society.

By honoring these persons with a royal decoration, we reaffirmed that they have an important place in society.

The recognition by means of a royal decoration bestowed on this year’s recipients, for their talents and for their accomplishments, offers us the opportunity to join together, as one, and let them know, that they have done St. Maarten proud.

And so, I trust that our community will maintain that practice of recognizing volunteers and others who distinguish themselves through offering care and support and inspiring others through their energy, commitment and dedication, not only on the occasion of the celebration of the Queens’s Birthday, but that we do that every single day.

Without volunteerism, the dream of making St. Maarten a better place for all would be impossible!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted that, this year’s recipients of royal decorations could join us, along with members of their families and friends, to mark this festive occasion.

Receiving royal decorations are the following persons (which I invite to come up as their names are called out):

"Knight In the Order of Orange Nassau"

Mr. Reginald Vlaun

"Members In the Order of Orange Nassau"

Mr. Raphael Amedee Christian

Mr. Wilhelm Andria Patrick

Mrs. Casilda van der Neut-Samuel

Mr. Aartwrigth Anthony Bell

Last but not least are some of the remaining members of the original Tanny and the Boys string band; they are:

Mr. Albelto Fernando Richardson

Mr. James Roosevelt Samuel

Mr. George Bernard Violenus

Mr. Edward Emanuel Violenus

The nomination process leading up to these persons being decorated is assisted by the RODAC committee, which has had an advisory role to my office, since its inception.

Today, I want to publicly express sincere gratitude to all the members of this committee, both present and past, for their continued insight and support of the procedures culminating in this gathering, on a recurring basis, during the month of April.

I wish, in closing to congratulate each and every one of the 2010 royal decorations recipients and wish to pass on that the Governor of the Netherlands Antilles, His Excellency Mr. Frits Goedgedrag, conveys his personal best wishes to you, as well.

I thank you.