Press release from Roy R. Marlin. April 27, 2010

It is remarkable that Carnival 2010 is nearing its final week and still the Island Government remains mum on the subsidy to this institution and its volunteers who put their heart and soul into organizing this yearly cultural event. 

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I start to wonder if the lack of communication by government to the SCDF is a deliberate attempt to sabotage the work of the members of the SCDF in order for the Commissioner of Culture Mr. Hyacinth Richardson to get his way and appoint a bunch of NA political friends on the new Carnival Foundation that he wants to create or either the government just don’t care about Carnival. Government forgets that it is these same booth holders, revelers, band members, security personnel and others that NA will go to come election to ask for their vote. Under the DP administration in 2009 the SCDF received an amount of Nafl 90.000,– prior to the start of the 2009 Carnival and the second payment of Nafl 90.000,– about two months after the closure of Carnival. Why can’t the SCDF and its members be treated the same under this NA government. The NA government realizes the importance of the Carnival activity with lip service only. The revenue Carnival generates for the Island is tremendous. Charter flights from our sister islands, small hotels being booked fully during this period, rental of musical equipment, car rentals and all these other activities that push the economy of this island just at the end of our high season. The fact that no subsidy was granted for the 2010 period, left the SCDF in a very precarious situation because of the fact that shows that were cancelled by promoters, the SCDF could have been in a position to have funding available to speedily look for alternative entertainers on short notice. The lack of action by the NA led government in dealing with the subsidy issue for the SCDF is another clear example of the manner in which they the NA, will thank you St. Maarten come 10/10/10.

Roy R. Marlin

Democratic Party Island Council Member.