Economic Affairs Commissioner urges public to support Carnival


Commissioner for economic affairs, Frans Richardson, is calling on the general public to fully support the remainder of the 2010 St. Maarten carnival program.

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Commissioner Richardson is of the opinion that carnival, being the premier cultural event of the island, deserves the unconditional support of the public as well as that of the business sector.

"The business community has a vital role to play considering that much of carnival cannot exist without its support" says Commissioner Richardson.

He remarked that "for over 40 years, we have celebrated carnival and seen it grown into an event attracting not only residents, but overseas visitors as well. Having come this far, we have no choice but to continue supporting the event and its development".


There is no denying that St. Maarten’s yearly carnival festivities have become one of the most anticipated as people from all walks of life and backgrounds take to the streets on Jouvert morning as revelers or onlookers.

It is the one event that brings the excitement of St. Maarten’s diverse community and multi-faceted culture into the open, which is something visitors enjoy. More importantly, it is that one event which St. Martiners can claim as their own, since they were there from the beginning.

With this annual display of revelry, smaller hoteliers are among those benefitting from an influx of, among others, Caribbean tourists who come for the parades as well as for the local and visiting entertainers appearing at Festival Village.

As we move forward, on the heels of having celebrated 40 years of carnival celebrations, it is also important that we recognize the sacrifices made by the early organizers of St. Maarten’s carnival and together contribute to making it easier for today’s and future leaders to take this event to another higher level.