PRIDE foundation visits French side Waste Sorting Center and Symposium on Biodiversity

Earth Day April 2010

Environmental Awareness foundation Sint Maarten PRIDE foundation accompanied students of the Ruby Labega Primary school to the French side of the island to visit the northern side new Waste Sorting Center located in Galisbay. 

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Students and teachers listened to Manager Anthony Lefur explain how the drive through waste sorting center is beneficial to the French side General Public. Students toured the waste site and saw the various bins set up to sort the waste.
Each bin was marked with what is allowed to be dumped, for instance paper and carton, green waste like tree cuttings, bulk household debris, metal.
There was a special unit to store aerosol cans, household batteries, car batteries, and yet another unit that is marked for the collection of waste engine oil.
Students learned that waste is exported in most cases to Guadeloupe and other countries to be recycled into new products.
Later in the morning, the group headed over to the Sandy Ground Cultural Center where the Collectivite organized a Exposition and Symposium on Biodiversity.
The group learnt the importance of biodiversity, and how all living organisms are connected and important for healthy ecosystems to thrive in our environment.
Sint Maarten PRIDE foundation would like to thank Ambassador of Sorting Nicole Piper, Manager of the Waste Sorting Center Anthony LeFur and Vice President Mr.Pierre Aliotti for the warm welcome extended to the foundation, the students and teachers for Earth day 2010.
Special thanks goes out to Pizza Hut for donating easy to use tomato/parsley seedling boxes to the students.
This year was the 40th. Anniversary of Earth Day and also the 10th. year anniversary of the Sint Maarten PRIDE foundation.
Sint Maarten PRIDE will continue to provide educational awareness programs to our youth while striving to better educate the general population and government on the importance of preserving and respecting our local environment and natural heritage sites.

Jadira Veen
Sint Maarten PRIDE foundation