Johnson says, “moving forward is the key.”

Carnival 2011 planning starts now

"As we continue to celebrate our forty-first carnival celebration here on St. Maarten, we must also keep a keen eye on 2011," remarked Stuart Johnson Vice President of the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF).

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St. Maarten Carnival 2010 has seemed to have struggled here and there along the way, but it continues regardless. Johnson is of the belief that, "Carnival planning for 2011 must start as soon as we finish celebrating this year. An early start will set in place the right motion necessary to restore the confidence in people and bring back the joy/spirit into Carnival." There are several issues and changes which have happened throughout the past years which also have played a role in the situation we are today. Johnson cited the decline in sponsorship, bands not being able to enter the St. Maarten Festival Village and the lack of flexibility for certain concert show-times are among some areas of concern which should be addressed. He minced no words in expressing, "Our carnival is bigger than any individual or group, it’s about the people, and we must always remember it shall continue no matter what."
Johnson congratulated those participating troupes and individuals who took part in the children’s parade on Sunday. "Schools should be encouraged to produce a troupe with the support and assistance of especially the parents/PTA/staff. The business community should adopt a school enabling them the opportunity to participate as SCDF will do its utmost to foster such too," he stated. "I extend my best wishes to everyone as you have a safe and enjoyable St. Maarten Carnival 2010," he concluded saying.