NAGICO Contributes to Carnival, Employees display Carnival T-shirts

Recognizing the importance of Carnival to our tourism based economy and the cheer and cultural bonding opportunities that it brings to citizens and tourists alike, NAGICO Insurances Management Team made a sound decision to continue to support organizers and participants of carnival.  

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The team acknowledges that the number of requests has grown over the years, not only because of economic challenges but also due to an increase in the number of non-profit organizations. The company kept its long established tradition of providing assistance, decorating its office and providing employees with Carnival T-shirts which are often worn during the Jourvert.

NAGICO’s most recent carnival contributions were made to The Sky Is the Limit Foundation, The Official Band, District Queen Show participant Ms. Bria Sorton, Ram and Jam 2010 TV program, organizers of the Follow the Rainbow Troupe, and District Band, among others.

Human Resources Officer Esmeralda Maria stated: "Supporting Carnival through sponsorships, donations and providing our employees with colorful t-shirts and beautiful decorated surroundings, brings joyfulness and increases the well being of our community at large. We are pleased to have been of assistance and we take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy carnival 2010."

Ms. Esmeralda Maria, accompanied by NAGICO’s Senior Administrative Clerk, Ms. Rose Hodge, presented a cheque to The Sky is The Limit Representative Mr. Claudius Buncamper. The proceeds will be used to cover costs of the Senior Calypso Competition, which will be held at the Festival Village on Tuesday April 27.