Police Assist in Prison Riot in Point Blanche


This morning, April 19th at approximately 10.15 a.m., the Central Police Dispatch received a call from the Prison Authorities at the Point Blanche requesting police assistance for an ongoing riot by the prisoners housed at that prison.

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According to information the police dept. had received is that two prisoners were transferred to Curacao and many of the prisoners were in disagreement with this decision. The situation in the prison was serious and had become extremely dangerous. The situation had gotten out of hand and the prison-guards could not have handled the situation. Major destruction by the inmates had taken place. All available on and off-duty police officers totaling 50 and the K-9 Unit were called in and informed of the ongoing situation.

They were provided with all the necessary riot-gear and under the supervision of Chief Inspector Carl John (Newly appointed Head of the Uniform Division) assisted by inspectors B. GOUT, R. BLOEIMAN and R. HENSON headed to the Point Blanche Prison. On the scene the situation was extremely tense. Due to the decisive and no-nonsense approach of the police, the situation was quickly dominated and back under control. The prisoners were surprised by two waves of well equipped officers assisted by the members of the K-9 Unit. All prisoners were searched and then lead to a secure area within the prison until all cell-blocks were searched for weapons and/or any other illegal items.

The prisoners taking the seriousness of the situation into account did not resist and cooperated totally. No force had to be used and no one was injured during the "take back" of the prison. The "take back" of the prison lasted approximately 45 minutes. After the prisoners were returned to their cells a quick assessment of the damage was done. The Observation Center (the area from where the guards can oversee all the cells) in the prison, was completely destroyed by those prisoners involved in the riot. An investigation is to be carried out by detectives in regard to who the ones are that are responsible for this damage.

The prison situation is back under control. I must add that during the riot the public had not to be concerned, because the patrols in the neighborhoods continued uninterrupted.